Look Out Labor Day

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Worked late last night getting things situated on the site and a few other sites of mine. Things always take longer when you have to spend the first two hours actually trying to learn what you are trying to accomplish, but I guess that’s the life of an entrepreneur. Rainy day down here in South Florida so just hanging around the office and getting some work done today, not that I wouldn’t be doing the same if it was super gorgeous outside. I think that is one of the biggest differences from most true entrepreneurs and employees is the willingness to put in the work on days when most aren’t.

I heard a funny story yesterday about a very successful builder and his employee. One day the man was being interviewed by a local newspaper and the newspaper asked him, “Do you feel bad that you pay yourself millions and then pay your security guard 25K to protect your business” and the man simply responded with “No, because I take more risks and work more hours.” The man interviewing the builder quickly came to his synopsis that the man was very arrogant, until he decided to interview the security guard. He asked the security guard the same questions and to his surprise the security guard responded with “I wouldn’t want to be the builder, he works too many hours and takes too many risks.”

This story brings a lot to my attention. While I hear so many people everyday talking about how they would like to change their situation and want more money, etc – but the harsh reality is 99% of people out there aren’t willing to put in the work that they have to put in to make these dreams a reality. Now trust me, I strongly believe in having a good time and enjoying life to the fullest, but you also need to analyze and know your situation. If you want something like more success, there is only one way to do it and get there and that is working more and working hard. There really isn’t any secret to success, it’s having a plan and executing on it. The biggest issue is the majority of us take complex situations and try to make them even more complex to try and sound more intelligent, but unfortunately complexity is the enemy of execution. Keeping things simple has always worked and will always continue to work, don’t over complicate your situation – plan and execute.