Know Yourself

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I have to give a big shout out to one of my former students that sparked this little blog post, you know who you are. So we were up last night chatting on the phone around 11 at night and discussing what she wants to do for her career and future after leaving college. She has a nice cozy job lined up, making decent money to start at the age of 21. Her question was, does she stick with her current situation, the cozy job and cozy paycheck or does she come back to South Florida and start to build her own real estate business here as an individual agent. The same field, but night and day positions.

I get questions like these all the time from past students – for those that don’t know, I use to work in education when I was in my early 20’s and needed that steady paycheck while I built my life as an entrepreneur. We all have different backgrounds and might need that 30, 50, 70k or whatever it is day job to hold over our bills as we try and run the night hours on our own side hustle until we are ready to make the leap into entrepreneurship. I know I did.

What I tell everyone that comes to me with these questions is if whether or not that person knows who they are. Are they emotionally stable to handle the highs and lows of entrepreneurship? We live in a society and culture now a days where entrepreneurship is placed upon a pedestal and all we see are Bentley’s, pretty girls and trips to Ibiza on social media. But let’s face the reality, that’s not entrepreneurship. 90% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 3 years and end up spending their life savings working for their dream and losing it all.  Been there, done that. That’s part of the process. What you do next is the most important part. Do you get back up and you figure what worked and what didn’t and why and adjust, or do you roll over and cry?

Entrepreneurship is a process of constantly adapting and adjusting your business until you figure out what works and what doesn’t – the only issue is, the majority of the population can not handle these stresses. As entrepreneurs we don’t use the words stressed out though, rather we get fancy and say we are overwhelmed. It’s the same thing and how you handle these stresses is what dictates your future as a successful entrepreneur.

Before you can start anything you need to know who you are. Are you a number one in a company? Maybe you’re a number three? A number five? The number 3 and 5 at Facebook were still highly successful, they just didn’t bring the same energy and emotional stability to be the number one. You need to understand who it is you are and what it is you truly want in this life. No matter how successful you become at your given craft if you aren’t fulfilling your life, you will always feel a sense of void and lack bringing your full potential.

No matter how much you feel that things may suck right now and you aren’t in the job you want to be in or making the money you want to be making, it’s important to understand that life is long. The amount of change that can take place in a year, never mind ten years is astronomical. At the age of 20 or 30 or 40, our lives have barely started. The hardest part is understanding where your passion lies and who you are and want to become and taking that first leap to making your life extraordinary.