Can You Breathe

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One of the biggest issues I see everyday is we as a society worry too much as to what others think. In a society built around social media and the always perfect it becomes very easy to begin questioning the content you are putting out. I find myself doing it all the time – hours of content created and then questioning whether or not I will post it, majority of the time I don’t. Over thinking the situation is the enemy of executing and the enemy of success.

Learning to put aside the comments, words and thoughts of others is the true definition of execution and success in one’s field of work. Ultimately, we shouldn’t worry about the thoughts and comments of others, but rather feel bad that they had to take the time to watch, listen and negatively comment. Everyone is scared to be criticized, but that’s part of the process. You know what a negative comment is? Still someone taking the time to absorb the content you are putting out, so they still know who you are and that is the ultimate goal in marketing, getting the word out on what you are pitching.

Once you know who you are, what you are trying to do and are able to put aside the naye-sayers, that is when true success is just around the corner. The issue is, the majority of you reading this will never look past the negativity and because of this will ultimately miss the highest levels of success and fulfillment. When success is as vital as breathing to you, that is when you will be able to accomplish everything you want and need to accomplish is just around the corner.

You simply can’t think success and it will manifest. Actions are the only true answer to accomplishment. Understand the fears of failure and criticism are what limit our minds from executing at the highest levels. You have to cut all aspects of negativity from your life to reach your highest potential. That is when you will begin to see your levels of execution and ultimately success peak. No matter your goal; whether it be, building a business, building a new relationship, or bettering yourself the actions to get you there need to become as vital as breathing is to your life.