Live for the Funeral

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I always hear the words live for the moment and each time I find myself questioning these words. Life is short, but art is long. At thirty I’m only a quarter through my life with modern day medicine with the way things are progressing. I’d rather live a life living for my funeral. I don’t fear missing a night out, a deal, money, I fear regret. When the inevitable comes, I want to walk through the pearly gates with zero regrets. Not every decision will be a great decision, but if you can confidently say it was what you wanted to do at the time, you can’t regret the failures between the successes.

Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty those ages are still young by today’s standards. Have you ever heard an elderly individual say that regret not doing such and such. I fear those words rolling from my tongue. I was recently told by someone that relatively just met me and they said that they quickly realized I was going to do whatever it was I wanted to do. My question to them was, why don’t they? We have all been given this unbelievable opportunity of being a human, why waste it doing things we don’t love or enjoy?

Ultimately, this comes down to knowing who you are as an individual and what it is you are truly living for. One of my favorite books is The One Thing by Gary Keller – the entire book goes into the psychology of why we as individuals do what we do. What’s the one thing we wake up every morning for, go to work for, make the choices we make for. If you can not confidently say what that is, then you need to take the time, reflect and figure your one thing out, otherwise what’s the point of living the way you are? No matter how scary or uncomfortable something might make you feel, if it’s something you want to do or feel you need to do, put yourself out here. Take the leap, get uncomfortable to make yourself happy. Plan for the funeral, plan for the inevitable, live life with no regrets.